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See what some of our clients say about us. We work with a large variety of clients and what allows us to be so successful is our process. It does not matter the industry if our process is applied then your account will be successful. Our goal is to be the last pay per click company you work with. Contact us today and let’s discuss your business goals and how we can get there.

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My adwords account was permanently suspended and I was really skeptical that Chris can get my account back. But when I got that email from Google that my account was resolved and no longer suspended, I was the happiest man alive that day, literally I was, I can start my business again, my life was back again, you really should not depend on one source of traffic, but seriously Google is one big source of low-cost, highly targeted traffic, highly converting, source you cannot leave out, my life was back. See Google’s permanent suspension is not really permanent. That’s what Chris told me, he really knows what he is talking about and he can really get youback. With the money back guarantee you have nothing to lose. There is no reason to delay you can get your account back in less than 2 weeks. All youhave to do is follow what he has to say, step by step, simple and easy. You will be back.

– Zaid Owner, Photo Learning Subscription Website
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Tyler and his crew are very efficient at what they do. I have a small auto detailing biz and after they got their ad “magic” going…. I was getting about twice as many phone calls as I had been getting. Well worth the $ and time. Thanx a bunch! Smoky Mtn Custom Auto Details.

Josh, Smoky Mountain Custom Auto Details
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I have been working with AdFicient for over 8 years and they have helped my business in many different ways. They are always available and glad to help me, even if I call on a Saturday night (which I have done a few times).

I exchange ideas with Chris from AdFicient about SEO (search engine optimization), Google Analytics, and pay per click strategies. He has provided thorough and insightful advice which has produced profitable results. I have recommended him to my clients (and will continue to do so) because their rates are fair and my clients always see ROI results many times more than what they pay.

My experiences with AdFicient have always been pleasant. The best part is that I can tell that they truly care about me and the success of my website design business and my clients’ businesses. They continue to surpass my ever-rising expectations and have gone above and beyond their obligations (like suggesting creative ways for my business to attract additional clientele).

The simple truth is that the people at AdFicient are terrific. I highly recommend them.

– Steve Dulle, Owner of Silver Scope Design
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I personally have been working with Adficient over a year and they are the ONLY team I am going to let handle my Google PPC and unslaps. After receiving an email from Google that I was banned forever I thought my golden egg was left for dead.. Adficient unbelievably got it unslapped and it has been running smooth for 6 months now! I had a few others slapped as well and they got them unslapped fast and I was back up and running.. The team over at Adficient have always been professional and they got my campaigns built same day! I thought over the years of managing my own adwords account that there was no one better than me…but when I saw how the campaigns were build and my CPA’s came down I just let them run it and I have a life again. If you are having Adwords problems I have feel bad for you son..I got 99 problems but a Google slap ain’t one. Thanks Adficient!

– Eric, Owner of Best Penny Stocks
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I wanted to write a quick review to share my appreciation and respect for the work that Tyler and his team are doing at Adficient. We had selected their team to help us with our PPC efforts with our startup online retail business. Tyler, literally tirelessly worked until we were satisfied with the ads, wording and keyword management of our campaign. We were probably a difficult customer at first for them as we expected them to give the same efforts we were giving at the crucial startup times. And that is exactly what I think differentiates Adficient from the rest….they give 110% as they are entrepreneurs as well and understand that putting the work in early and often will result in eventual success. I think Tyler’s greatest strengths are his listening skills and ability to be proactive rather than reactive. He really tried to understand our needs and goals while researching the competitive landscape to ensure we were going down the right path, yet differentiating ourselves to carve a special niche out. We thank Tyler and their team for their dedication and wish them much success in the ever competitive SEO/SEM game. Thanks for everything guys! Money well spent!

– Jerry, Owner of Pearlotica
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Adficient helped me to understand how advertising on Google works and to get leads for my business. This is my first experience advertising on Google and it has been a profitable one for me thanks to Adficient. I also wanted to comment on the fact that I could always get support when ever I needed it. I never know how powerful the using Google could be but I’m glad I found out. I would highly recommend Adficient to anyone looking to advertise on Google.

– Ken, Owner of The St. Louis Handyman
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My account at Google Adwords was suspended – permanently. Real bad news for me since I derive some of my income from Google adwords. And it s not like there is an alternative. I am an 11 year customer of their s – so I tried to call to get someone to reason. No dice. The suspension was permanent. Game over. I called a couple of companies who advertise helping overturning Google slaps . One wouldn t even call back and the other guy said this suspension was too grievous for him to handle. Wonderful. At wit s end, I found Chris at Adficient. He told me that he wasn t sure if he could help – this was a different situation than he usually dealt with – but if he couldn t help me – there would be no charge. Tough decision there-eh? I had to make a lot of changes and he told/emailed me all of them – and he had me back on in 10 days. I m earning money again. Now whenever I change something at Google – I run it by Chris. He is always available – 24/7. Thanks, Chris

– John, Fast Level Marketing

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Within weeks, we started seeing the new leads pill up and continue to come in with AdFicient’s PPC service. We’ve been really happy with the personal attention and results that AdFicient has provided.
– Ernie, Owner at Migali Scientific Refrigeration

We’ve been working with Adficient for over a year now and they’ve always provided above and beyond service. Tyler is great at really managing our PPC campaign and has gotten us consistent results since the day we’ve started.
– Derek, Co-Founder and CEO at ConvoSpark, LLC

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Speaking engagement review from The University of Missouri St. Louis.

“Good afternoon Chris, well, I have chatted with all my classes now and “hands down”…your presentation ROCKED! We are so grateful for your knowledge and time. I do hope you will consider guest speaking at UMSL in the future!!

Chris commands excellent knowledge and details about the workings of Google AdWords and how to attract the most attention for advertisers using minimal ad dollars. In fact, Chris suggests multiple ways in which his clients can save money! For anyone not familiar with how to set-up an account with Google, Chris is the man – his explains the process in an easy to understand way without making the receiver feel incompetent. He truly wants all to understand the process. In addition to Google and AdWords, Chris defines Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in laymen terms; he emphasizes the use of key words that will yield a positive search. The only downfall to the entire presentation…I did not book enough time as we could have learned so much more!

I applaud Chris for sharing his knowledge!”


Kristy Tucciarone, Ph.D.
Assistant Teaching Professor
Advising Coordinator