Pay Per Click Management

AdFicient is a Pioneer in The PPC Management Industry

PPC Management Services

AdFicient is a pioneer in the pay per click industry. We have over 10 years of experience managing PPC account of all sizes, from small businesses to large corporations. We know what it takes to achieve your advertising and business goals.


Keyword Research

Keyword research is perhaps the most important step in the pay per click process. If you are not targeting the right keywords, you risk wasting a lot of work from the start. We can help you with keyword research so that you are off to a great start!


Ad Creation

This is where we create your campaign and make sure everything is correct. We will write your ad copy, target the correct audience, and manage your keyword bids. A PPC managed campaign has a lot of dynamics and moving parts so it is crucial to make it all work holistically.

Landing Page Development

We will examine and determine if your campaign will need a landing page. Sometimes it is best to start off with a landing page instead of trying to optimize your homepage which might have multiple goals and target many different audiences.

Account Set Up

If you are not familiar with AdWords or other pay per click platforms, we will show you how it works. We can also create the account for you and set it up to match your goals and targets.

Tracking Installation and Testing

We can install and integrate all the tools into your website including Google Analytics, Visual Website Optimize, Call Tracking, and more. If there is anything we think might help you with your AdWords campaign, we will implement it.


Campaign Launch

Let’s launch your PPC campaign off to a great start. We will be there with you every step of the way to ensure that it is working properly and running as efficiently as possible. We won’t stop until you start seeing satisfactory results.

Monitor Performance

You always have to be monitoring your account performance in order to gain good results. Most of the time your first effort will not be successful. That is why we monitor your AdWords performance every day and advise you of next steps.

Campaign Assessment

With AdFicient PPC management we monitor your campaign, we promote parts that are performing well and remove parts that are under-performing. We assess your campaign consistently to make sure your leads and conversions keep increasing.

Tracking and Reporting

Our SEO services provide clients with comprehensive and accurate reports. It shows where you rank in the search engines, how your link building is working, and how well your social media campaigns are going.